Weight Watchers Basics:

Members are given a weekly points allocation depending upon their present weight and the weight they are aiming for and are allowed to eat anything they like up to this points allocation.

The strength of the points system is that a points score is given to any food imaginable and there's no limit on the types of food that you are permitted but only on the quantity which you can eat dependent upon that food's points score. This is in sharp contrast to many other diets that ban some foods completely or require that particular foods are included in your diet.

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South Beach Diet Intro:

South Beach Diet was created a well known cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston. He developed this diet for his cardiac patients after a lot of scientific dieting research. The best thing about this diet is that you will get your three, normal size meals everyday and you can even enjoy your snacks and deserts. In just a short amount of time you will see incredible results. So you can not only enjoy your favorite foods but you can also put your fear of getting fat to rest.

According to Dr.Agatston, when you consume bad carbohydrates especially those found in foods with a high Glycemic index, they create an insulin resistance syndrome which is an impairment of the hormone insulin's ability to properly process fat or sugar and not only this, bad carbohydrates also increase the chances of getting cardiovascular disease.Therefore his diet includes the consumption of good fats and good carbohydrates.

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Atkins Diet in a nutshell:

The plan basically calls for you to reduce your intake of carbohydrates. What this means is your intake is basically protein. The workings of the plan is - your body first burns carbohydrates, when it can not find any then it burns fat using stored fat to provide the protein energy.

So what happens is that when you eliminate carbohydrates in your system your body looks to protein to burn to provide energy. And in the process use lots of fat. This causes you to lose weight and lose it fast.

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Daily Diabetes Diet Counter
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To use the Daily Diabetes Diet Counter, first click your daily caloric intake to update the maximum number of parts for each food (according to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse). Then, just keep this window open throughout the day. As you eat foods, just input them into the form, one entry per food. The page uses Javascript to keep running totals and a list of foods without having to request information from the web site, so after you initially load the page, you don't even need to be online to use it. Then, if you want a record of the day, just print it out and start over again the next day by refreshing the page.

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